Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You Don't Know Me

"I know that after tonight, you don't have to look up at the stars no, no, no, no. 
I know by the end of the night, you don't have to look up at the stars. 
And I know if the love is alright, you don't have to look up at the stars no, no, no, no.  '
I know by the end of the night, you don't have to look up at the stars." - Justin Nozuka

I dislike interacting with people who are in a bad mood. Your whole day is just ruined after talking to them. I just don't understand why someone would go around and trample on peoples sunshine just to whine about there own selfish needs. I mean... will they just listen to themselves and hear what they are saying? Don't they know they sound annoying and whiny and just plain stupid. Okay... I admit it... I complain sometimes, okay... maybe a lot... so maybe I deserve it when people whine at me. Or I am just supposed to learn a lesson and not whine to others after experiencing what it feels like to be whined at. I will try to understand from now on, and hopefully stop whining myself.

"If you only do what you can do, you will never get much done." - Tom Krause

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Lao Tzu

When peaple my grammer correct, me hate it. They be telling I that me ain't said my words in the right form. You guy's are so annoying to I and myself when you learn to how to speak my words. I feel almost rude saying this, but it's true... I be bugged by it.

There are times when I feel like my brain just won't stop thinking, especially when I am in bed at night trying to sleep, it seems like I just can't stop thinking about anything. It is not like I am particularly troubled and have a lot of serious thoughts on my mind, it's just that when I lay down, my mind goes crazy with new ideas and weird thoughts. I just can't help it, and then, just when I think that I have stopped thinking I immediately think about why my brain thinks about everything it thinks about, then I am on a whole new train of thought then I can't help but pass out and sleep because my brain has become overloaded. It's rough being a thinker sometimes.

I just don't understand people a lot of the time... If I could have a super power... I would choose mind reading, that may not seem like the obvious choice for some, but I always wonder what people are thinking so this power couldn't be more perfect for me. The End.

Wheeze. Cough. Sniffle. Hark. Cough. Cough. Wheeze. Sniffle. Cough.
Don't Ask.

Bye now.

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