Tuesday, November 15, 2011

50th Post

It's not easy to be inspired when you are not willing to listen to other people. I am tired of people that are unkind enough to not acknowledge the pure amazingness that everyone in this world has to offer. One of my goals in life is to try to get to really know the people I come in contact with. It is so much fun to really get to know things about people but at the same time, the idea that society has given you about how people should or shouldn't be is hard to get past. In fact, no matter how many times anyone tells you not to judge a book by its cover, whenever you meet a new person you automatically judge them and begin to decide how you feel about them just by seeing them and hearing the few "Hello, what's your name?" words they say upon meeting you. As sad as this seems it is true for almost everyone. So instead of deciding to make the goal of not immediately judging people, make the goal to get past that first impression, get to know a person better before making any final decisions. That overall is a lot more manageable goal, and even though it can be hard, overall, it is really fun to get to know people and learn more about everything through what they have to teach you.

"There are more people who wish to be loved, than there are people who are willing to love."
-Nicolas de Chamfort

"Difficulties mastered, are opportunities won."
-Winston Churchill

"He stumbled into faith and thought, god this is all there is? The pictures in his mind arose, and began to breathe. And all the gods and all the worlds began colliding on backdrop of blue. Blue Lips, Blue veins. He took a step but then felt tired, he said I'll rest a little while. But when he tried to walk again, he wasn't a child. And all the people hurried past, real fast, and no one ever smiled. Blue Lips, Blue veins, Blue the color of our planet from far far away. " - Regina Spektor

I have been thinking about what would happen if I was granted 3 wishes, and I had to obey the traditional genie rules, like no wishing for more wishes, and no wishing for anyone to fall in love with you, and no wishing for people to come back from the dead. What would I wish for? I really don't know how I would decide what to wish for, I have almost everything I want. I would probably wish for really base material things knowing me. Like I might wish to skip the rest of my High School Life, I might wish that I could move to New York and have enough money and skill to make it into NYU and learn all that I could possibly learn. Then, when thinking about my last wish, I thought, I could just immediately wish to become a famous choreographer and have everyone love my choreography... but then I thought, that would be pointless because, if I just wished for that to happen, then it wouldn't really be worth it because everyone who loved my choreography would just be under a genie spell and not really love my choreography and that would be worthless... So I rethought that wish and decided that I would wish for the chance to be noticed, seen, and given a chance to let everyone see me, then they could all decide if they loved me. These wishes may seem worthless to some... but to me, I would love these things. What would your three wishes be?

  1. My Number - Tegan and Sara
  2. Mr. Rager - Kid Cudi
  3. Who'd Have Known - Lily Allen
  4. Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine
  5. Paradise - Coldplay
  6. Cinema (Skrillex Remix) - Benny Benassi
  7. Take It All - Adele
  8. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People
  9. How to Love - Lil Wayne
  10. Lights - Ellie Goulding
"Love is not speeding up to a stop sign like I used to think. No it's, when you don't want to miss one butterfly so you don't blink. It's been seven month's now since I've taken that flight, and I'll be okay when it's finally okay for me to kiss you goodnight. And I'll say, will you be the soundtrack to my life, there's no bells, no whistles just you by my side, ya and that's all that I'll ever need, I found a new heaven, and that's where I'll dream." - Preston Pugmire

"We argue to have a better understanding of issues." - My English Teacher

Live like nothing else matters but living,

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