Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 11: My Blood Generation


18 years old
Likes to: Play Games, sleep, play clarinet and piano, read, tease all younger siblings, oh and eat.
Description: When you first meet Zac you may think he is shy, in fact if you don't put forth the effort you may always think he is shy. But really, under that cape of shyness... he is hilarious. He listens to almost everything I tell him to do which is really nice and he takes care of me, even if he acts like he doesn't care about you, he really does. He is also insanely smart, I can't even comprehend his brain, he knows almost everything and he is always there to help with homework. For the past four years he has been part of Timpview High School Band and he is amazing at the Clarinet, he also can play the piano really well and sing! I love my Zac and I will be sad when he leaves for college.


12 Years Old
Likes: Doing Art, riding horses, animals in general, watching sit coms, wearing my clothes, hanging out with her friends
Description: Susie is like a cute little thimble, she collects those by the way. She is really pretty even though she is still getting out of that middle school stage ;). She is really nice to everybody and all of the little critters. She is really smart and organized and even though she hates to take piano lessons she is really good at playing the piano. She is really creative and loves to do different crafts, not only does she make cute jewelry and other accessories, she also is a good artist/painter she has made lots of really cool creations. Even though she can get annoying at times... she is still really fun to hangout with and just sit and talk to at night. I love my little sister.


11 Years old in approx. 30 days
Likes: playing sports, BIG MAC'S, playing guitar, video games, TV, math class, telling jokes, being crazy
Description: Justin is a skinny little ball of huge energy. He loves to play basketball and football and he is really good at both. He is also hilarious, everything that comes out of his mouth makes you start to laugh, you really can't help it. He is pretty much a rock star on the guitar and loves to jam and learn new songs everyday. Even though he love to watch TV, especially Sponge Bob, he also like math and he is really good at it too. It is always fun to just hangout with Justin and I am so glad to have him as a cute baby brother.

My siblings are so great even though sometimes we drive each other crazy, I am so lucky to have them. :)

Day 10: Today's Outfit

I wore...

1. Purple tank top with different colored designs on it.
2. Gray cardigan, rolled up sleeves...
3. Black skinny jeans, rolled up legs...
4. My Blue, jeanish TOMS, love those :)
5. An even total of ten bracelets.
6. Two cute chinese girl necklaces.
7. My favorite ring that I wear everyday.
8. White little rose earring, studs.
9. My hair was down and my bangs actually cooperated.
10. Oh and I wore underwear and a bra. Just saying...

Day 9: Your Beliefs

"I believe in the tolerance of all people."

And I am a Mormon. And that's it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 8: A Moment

Our lives are comprised with lots and lots of moments. Every single minute is a moment so how can we just choose a moment to write about. I guess you could write about lots of things. The time you got your test back and it said 100% could be the most important moment in your life. The time you hiked to the top of a huge mountain and felt so accomplished. The time you sat and cried because someone you love died. The time you awkwardly saw the guy you like in the hall and all you could seem to say was hi and speed walk away nervously. The time you sat in your bed at night and realized that life is so much bigger than high school and popularity. The time you danced so hard your heart almost fell out of your chest. The time you laughed so hard over something so stupid. The time you drove around for 30 minutes trying to find where you were going. The time you spent with come of your best friends doing anything you wanted without worrying. The time you held your little cousin for the first time. The time you sat with your dad in the car eating a burger. The time you talked to someone for 15 min and that little conversation changed your life. The time you sat and cried with your best friend because you were scared for the future. The time you talked to your mom for an hour about the future and she helped you realize what life is really about. The time you laughed last, the time you cried last, the time you were purely happy, the last time you were mad, the last time you felt all alone, the last time you were lazy.

There are lots of moments. I like to keep all my moments in my heart.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 7: My Best Friend

Jessica Green is my best friend. I can't even describe to you how much she means to me. We have been through a lot together and continue to go through more and more things each day.

Even though we are both really weird and crazy... we still love each other so much. We do everything together. Whenever either of us has big plans we usually count on the other person being there. We see each other everyday, and I mean everyday. If for some reason we can't see each other, for instance vacation, we call each other. Even if it's just to say hi.

So Jess is pretty much the most gorgeous person ever. She always looks cute not matter what she is wearing. Sometimes I am even a little jealous of her amazing beauty. She has really cute clothes and her own funky style.

She is also very creative. She makes lots of cute hair things and really pretty earrings (she has a little obsession with earrings.) Every time I go to her house she has new things to show me that she has made. And sometimes when I am lucky she will give me some of her beautiful creations.

I love to listen to Jess sing. She has the most beautiful voice! She is also very talented at the guitar. If you give Jess a random instrument... within about 10 minuets she will be able to play you a whole 3 minute song. She has amazing musical talent and is a great performer.

Can you ever meet someone more hilarious than Jess? No. She is really funny and loves to laugh with me. That is one of my favorite things about her. We like to do random things and just laugh about it for hours. When we get a little tired almost anything can get us into a laughing fit.

And last but not least. Jess has been there for me for a lot of things. She is very supportive of everything I do and she always says really nice things to me. I love her so much and I can't express how lucky I am to have her as my friend. And I know we will be best friends forever.

The End...

Day 6: My Day (Yesterday)

My day yesterday was very delightful. I woke up in the morning and went to school.

1st Period: For my first class I am a Biology TA with Jess. We usually have lots of fun in this class but yesterday we had to clean lots of equipment and assemble kits for my teachers seminar. So that was not as fun as usual.

3rd Period: Seminary. We had a student teacher for this class and it was his first day teaching so he was a little inexperienced. We were all very good for him but you could tell that he was very nervous.

5th Period: CHEMISTRY! Even though I like chemistry a lot, yesterday I was having a hard time paying attention. Sometimes I get really distracted.

Lunch: Jess and I went to a student government meeting because I have been thinking about running for office next year. I am still not sure I am going to run though, so that's undecided.

7th Period: Foods class is getting a little more advanced! We actually made french fries! They were really good as long as they were accompanied by salt and ketchup.

After School: Yesterday was my first official day driving all by myself. I made it all the way to dance and all the way back after class. I also drove to the bank and cashed a check. Overall it wasn't as hard as I thought but I was still a little scared.

Taking class: My dance class I took yesterday was turns. I did pretty well in class and I can tell that I am getting better everyday. I love taking class because even though it's hard... I have so much fun and I get to take class from one of my favorite people... AIMEE!
Teaching class: I teach a hip hop class every wednesday and I had lots of fun teaching my class yesterday. I am really excited for our end of the year dance!!

Young Womens... for Young Womens last night we went to the stakes musical review. All I can say about it is that it was very colorful... yep that's a good word.

After young womens me, my dad, Susie, and Jess went to the Malt Shoppe to get Milkshakes! (Yep I drove!) I had a raspberry milkshake and it was very delicious.

Then we came home and I went to my grandma's to get dinner. (Notice we had desert first...) Because my mom is out of town, my grandma felt inclined to make us dinner... It was simply delicious. Then I came home... drove Jess home all by myself! And came home and went to bed!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All I Can Say Is Happy

License. CHECK
Drive to McDonalds with Susie at 9:30. CHECK

Story of the Day:
Location - Costco

Well I went to Costco today with my mom and as I was picking out my produce in one of those big refrigerator like rooms... I saw a lady open up a box of grapes, take a grape of it's homely vine, pop it in her mouth, close the box, and then continue through the store. No, she didn't buy any grapes. Maybe she interpreted free samples a little to freely.


It's 10:59. Good Night and Good Luck.

Day 5: Lovey Dovey

I don't have a definition of love. But some of my favorite songs do...

"Love, love changes everything."

"Everybody, everybody wants to love. Everybody, everybody wants to be loved."

"Let's play a Love Game play a Love Game, do you want love or do you want fame?"

"You are my sweetest down fall. I loved you first, I loved you first."

"I want to love you, PYT! Pretty young thing! You need some loving, TLC! Tender loving care!"

"I keep on fallin, in and out of love with you."

"Who do you think you are, running round leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts, tearing love apart."

"I don't need no love all I need is the DJ!"

"I just need somebody to love, oh oh, no I don't need too much just somebody to love."

"Would you let me love you let me love you long time."

"Goodbye my almost love, goodbye my hopeless dream..."

"I'm missin you, oh oh missin your love."

"I'm not gonna write you a love song, cuz you asked for it, cuz you need one, you see."

"Baby you'll be famous chase you down until you love me, papa papa paparazzi."

"This love has taken it's toll on me you said good bye to many times before."

"Want you to love me... like I'm a hot ride."

"Dutty, dutty, dutty, love. I'm feeling like you letting go."

"I became somebody, through lovin you."

"Just gonna stand there and hear me cry, that's alright because I love the way you lie."

"If you've ever loved somebody put your hands up!"

"I don't know what it is but I Love You!"

"Cuz I, love you more than I could ever promise, and you, take me the way I am."

"Put up your hands, say I don't wanna be in love, I don't wanna be in love."

"I know that we are young and I know that you may love me, but I just can't be with you like this anymore."

"Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug, your love, your love, your love.

"All I wanna do is find my way back into love."

"This just can't be summer love, it's true."

"When it comes to love, if it's not rough it isn't fun."

"She want that lovey dovey, and kiss kiss kiss kiss."

"You're gonna have to face it your addicted to love."

and that's it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Problematic Poem

Originally and precisely written by me.

Wake up in the morning ready to go.
Thought you would get it, but I guess you never know.
I guess that this lesson only goes to show.
You never know who is gonna owe.

Your day had suddenly turned very brown.
You try to be happy but can't get past your frown.
Try to lash out and get out of town.
Rainy day's and Monday's always get me down.

I hope you never heard me call.
At my words you would appall.
I lose the rope and begin to fall.
Drag your worn feet down the hall.

Awkward situations always are the best.
Sarcasm can always be a good test.
I wish I could just have you and forget about the rest.
And start loosing this growing pain in my chest.

Hurtful people don't deserve the right.
To take away your shining light.
Forget about all the words they say with spite.
You will make it to a higher height.

Crazy people must act out.
Your not sure what it's all about.
You try to hold in a scream and a shout.
Your eyes go gray and you start to black-out.

You lost the one that gave you security.
And they lost all their purity.
You look ahead with surety.
That they will regain their maturity.

Testing always makes you worry.
The words fade and get more blurry.
Bell rings and you want to scurry.
But you have no reason to be in a hurry.

Trapped is all you seem to feel.
You start to wonder if everything is real.
Cuts so deep they will never heal.
With untamed laughter you try to conceal.

People that love you seem to hurt you the most.
You try to run and your so close.
Then something pulls you back like a ghost.
Shed one more tear under your bed post.

They said they wanted you too come back.
The times they've said this you can't keep track.
But the love that was full has started to lack.
Night time ahead seems more and more black.

Take me with you to the sea.
That is where I am supposed to be.
Happy, careful, blessed and free.
But sadly two plus one is still three.

Confusing words eat you away.
You are crying hoping you can stay.
From the road home you start to stray.
Always thought we would be a they.

People tell you things will soon change.
That your life will start to rearrange.
But you can't help but feel a little strange.
As your head starts to fall down range.

Your feeling big and small at the same time.
And all you can do about it is make a little rhyme.
Happy words start to loose their chime.
Times like these should be a crime.

Day 4: Today's Nourishment

I woke up this morning and had an orange.
definition: a round juicy citrus fruit with a tough bright reddish-yellow rind
It was quite delicious for an orange. We have about a million of them in our refrigerator so easting one seemed like a nice choice.

At lunch I had my friends roll and a green apple. The roll was wheat bread but it was lunchroom wheat bread so the quality wasn't that good. The green apple was quite small and very sour. So in short my lunch wasn't very satisfactory.

In foods we made carmel popcorn and I ate that too. Yes I am in Foods 2 and we are still making carmel popcorn. Doesn't seem right does it.

While I am sitting here at the computer I am eating green beans seasoned with salt and pepper. They are probably the most delicious thing I have eaten all day. But the day isn't over... We will see what's for dinner.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 3: Those Who Brought Me Here

My Dad: William Scott Lohner
Occupation: Opthamologist
Five words that describe him: Loving, Precious, Happy, Active, Careful.
My dad is really quite amazing, he cares about everything you do. I love to be around him and I love to go on dates with him! My dad loves to golf and he is really good at it. He enjoys helping other people and making them see better!
My Mom: Kimberly (Kimmy) Gamette Lohner
Occupation: House Mom
Five words that describe her: Outgoing, Funny, Busy, Smart, Super!
My mom does pretty much everything for me and everyone else around her. As soon as you meet her you automatically know that she cares about you. She is also an amazing quilter! She loves to be part of her kids schools and also part of her community!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thoughts of a Swing-set

An original poem by me.

Up through the trees on the swing she will fly,
her worn out bare feet touching the sky.
Wondering how it was a practical lie,
she dries one last tear drop from her eye.
Pondering life and the reason why,
all of us one day will be there to die.
Filling our minds with the will to try,
Lying down our swords with a hopeless sigh.
Only to good words will we reply,
Why is it happy thing still make us cry?
You are the one on which I rely,
Until we reach the day where I say goodbye.
I will weep but I will still testify,
My song I will never modify.
I sang a sweet tune to by butterfly,
then laid to rest and to satisfy.

Day 2: Forgive Me First Love

I must admit I don't think that at my age I have even had the chance to be in love with someone at all. I think that you have to be dedicated to someone to really love one and I am not old enough or secure enough by myself to take on another person and really love them.

On the other hand. I so love lots of things and lots of people. So here is my list of loves...

(This list is in no particular order so no member of the list should be offended by their position.)

1. Myself. I don't love myself in a prideful way but I do love myself.
2. My Family.
a. My Dad
b. My Mom
c. Both sets of Grandparents
d. Zac: Older brother...
e. Susie: 12 year old sister (nuf said there)
f. Justin: JSquare, littlest baby brother :)
g. Cousins
h. Aunt and Uncles...
i. Especially my Aunt Aimee (For obvious reasons.)
3. My best and forever friend Jessica.
4. Dance: Like Coldstone... like it, love it, gotta have it.
5. My collection of memories and my encyclopedia of thoughts.
6. The privilege to live.
7. The gift of Knowing. (If you KNOW what I mean.)
8. Music and its ability to inspire.
9. The World. It is covered in Magic.
10. People in General are worth all the love you can give.

And thats all...


Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 1: Kristen Lohner - Female

Kristen {No Middle Name} Lohner - Female

Born: January 14 1995 ( year of the boar)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Depends on the day.. mostly blue
Tall and Medium

Dance (First on the list for a reason.)
Snowboarding (The cold doesn't bother those who truly love it.)
Cooking (But I hate cleaning up the mess.)
Shopping (I never seem to really buy much.)
Photography (I imagine a lot of photos that would be almost impossible to take.)
Swimming (I like swimming pools more than the ocean.)
Texting (It's fun, why not?)
Fashion (Looking cute always makes me happy!)
and now... Blogging (Excited to see how this goes.)

Blue (Current Favorite Color.)
Fruit (Best food group on the pyramid.)
Bracelets (I collect them.)
Clothes (I have too many, but I want more.)
Realistic Novels (I like reading about things that have or might actually happen.)
Shaved Ice (Favorite Treat... ever.)
Fresh Paint (The smell, the look, and the change.)
Rain (The smell, the feel, and the emotion.)
Music (Can't stop listening to it.)
Smell of Gas (You either love it or hate it.)
Fresh Boxes of Crayons (50 cents)
Boys (No Comment.)
Vintage Accessories (My Style is undefined.)

Tomatoes (Too squishy.)
Mushrooms (Taste funny.)
Maroon (Euch.)
Chalkboards (I prefer whiteboards.)
Mowing the Lawn (Tiring, but I am forced.)
Being Hassled (I prefer to be left to myself and my mind.)
When People slurp, chew, chomp, spoon, and over all eat food. (Ew.)

Serious Details and Secrets:
I wish I knew just how my life was going to pan out.
I can't even try to describe my obsession with dance.
I love people. I really do. They amaze me.
I want to change the world.
I feel lots of emotion even if I don't show it.
I love movies, especially chick flicks, they are an escape from reality.
I am glad to be alive, even if life is hard at times.
I love my family, I love my friends.
You will never fully understand me, so don't try too hard.


The 30 day blog challenge:

I accept!

Day 01 – Introduce yourself with pictures and words
Day 02 – Your first love

Day 03 – Your parents

Day 04 – What you ate today 

Day 05 – Your definition of love

Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend

Day 08 – A moment

Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today 

Day 11 – Your siblings

Day 12 – What’s in your bag

Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – What you wore today
Day 15 – Your dreams
Day 16 – Your first kiss
Day 17 – Your favorite memory

Day 18 – Your favorite birthday
Day 19 – Something you regret

Day 20 – This month

Day 21 – Another moment

Day 22 – Something that upsets you
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
Day 25 – A first
Day 26 – Your fears
Day 27 – Your favorite place

Day 28 – Something that you miss

Day 29 – Your aspirations

Day 30 – One last moment

Together, Whenever, Forever

An original poem by myself.

We are better together.
Like a bird with two feathers.
We will get through stormy weather.

It's as simple as this.
Our life is really quite bliss.
My hurt is healed with your kiss.

We like to dance in the rain.
We can feel each others pain.
In my life you will be main.

I am not me without you.
We are juts better as two.
Everything we must do.

When your feeling quite small.
If you've had a big fall.
I'm the one you can call.

When we are old and we've had it.
I will learn how to knit.
On the porch we will sit.


So this poem isn't anything genius but it makes me happy and really that is all that matters. It has a tune that goes with it but I actually like it better when it is just read.

end of discussion.

This is Just The Begining

Blogging has never seemed like something that would be glamorous or even exciting but thanks to inspiration from one of my loving cousins I have developed a desire to start blogging so away we go!

This blog will be a collection of poetry, pictures, thoughts, lists, words and wishes. Just in case you were wondering.