Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saved for a Later Date

Today was a pretty good okay day, I decided that church really isn't that hard to sit through. I also realized that I love inside jokes that make you smile so big and laugh so hard you want to cry. I also decided that recently, life couldn't get much better, I am at peace, even with the homework I am always doing. And last but not least, I decided that I need to be a more relaxed person. That's the end of decisions for now.

"Cough wheeze, hark, swallow, wheeze wheeze, sneeze cough hark, spit... Excuse Me"

Falling in Love, is such an easy thing to do...
birds can do it, bees can do it, we can do it, lets get to it...
Let's fall in love.

Only Because I Love Lists:
  • Cheer
  • Shout
  • Paint
  • Food
  • Cookies
  • Hands
  • Shirts
  • Worry
  • Friends
  • School
  • Party
  • Surprisingly, nothing more to add to this list.
Jack Sparrow.... that's all I have to day. Well I guess I should also say... "BUT WHY IS THE RUM GONE?!?!?!" Now that's all...

People say I make strange choices, but they're not strange for me. My sickness is that I'm fascinated by human behavior, by what's underneath the surface, by the worlds inside people. - Johnny Depp

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle, life is a game and love is a riddle I don't know where to go can't do it alone I've tried, and I don't know why....

Fantastic Mr. Fox:
I will admit that when I first saw commercials for this movie way back when it came out I was blown away by thoughts of wow this movie is probably really stupid. So I avoided the many chances I had to watch it until I was with my friend the other day and she said, Hey we are going to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox, wanna watch with us, I was inclined to say yes even though I immediately thought, oh dear here we go. I was very glad I said yes however because I found that though the movie has little point and it is totally random and scatter brained, I found it rather hilarious. Maybe it was just because I was in a happy mood or maybe it was because I was feeling rather like an easily amused child that day. All in all, fantastic Mr. Fox is a winner.

I might just really like different fonts today....

Also yesterday: I went to the Timpview vs. Salem Hills state volley ball game. After and intense battle consisting of Salem winning the first two matches, we taking the second two matches, and the final intense game where we pulled through and won out of the neck to neck battle, I was so happy I could barely stand it, nothing could have made me happier in that moment. I really enjoy watching volleyball, I am sad that I am just realizing this, but it's true.

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