Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Words to Describe

There are no words to describe how much I love dance. So I'm not even going to try. It is just the best thing in this world.

I love being me, I love it when people can handle being around me when I am really me and not fake me, because I like being the real me, even if I am kind of annoying at times and I will not stop talking, that is when you know you have real friends, when you are just you around them and they love you still.

"Let go, life does get tough, no need to stress, holds you back too much. Let's go I heard they found a solution where will you be for the revolution."

"Didn't I give it all? Tried my best... gave you everything I had, everything and no less. Didn't I do it right, to let you down, maybe you got to used to having me round. Still how can you walk away from all my tears? It's going to be an empty road, without you here. But go on and take it! Take it all with you. Don't look back at this crumbling fool. Just take it all with my love. Take it all with my love."

I love how music has a way of making absolutely anything better. Then there is dance, which has the same magic. I really have no idea what I would do without music and dancing and overall the ability to be creative. I have been learning about the different functions of the brain and there is all these things like language processing and taking inputs and making outputs but what about our creativity? What part of the brain controls that? If I knew I would love that brain part the very best.

The end of the term brings such a magical feeling into your heart, I can't even explain the relief I am feeling.

The End.

P.S. I love to write...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Welcome to the Danger Zone

I have never been able to fully apply this song from my long last jazz dance of last year to anything in life until now. I feel like at this moment every aspects of my life is in somewhat of a danger zone, after really think about the meaning of this certain word my application makes more and more sense.

Other Things:

I have never really realized my absolute love of hiking and adventuring until this past couple of days in Bryce and Zions. It is amazing what you can discover in your very own state, you don't even have to travel the world to find noteworthy sites. It is making me more and more excited for my extended stay in St. George in about a month.

I have this profound belief in the fact that music makes everything better. Even if it doesn't completely heal or work profound miracles, it makes any situation overall better. Especially if you are listening to Adele on a crowded bus while trying to sleep and having no success, just an example.

Decisions are the hardest things in life, when you are forced to choose something or if the right choice is insanely evident you don't even think about the action you are acting upon. But when two choices fairly present themselves, and you are not totally informed on the rating of either choice, you are caught in a whirlwind of complication. I hate decisions, especially when they involve feelings.

One thing I try hard not to do is make things messy. This aspect of my life goes far beyond keeping my room clean, it also includes messy, awkward, and sometimes life threatening situations. It seems silly to joke about such life threatening situations when lives are currently actually being threatened but to not emphasize the reality of these messy things is a worse sins.

Don't forget me I beg I remember you said, sometimes is lasts in love, and sometimes it hurts instead.

I have a love for daydreams, to be able to create my own reality is my only wish.