Monday, October 1, 2012

Just When You Thought You Were Lost


She tried to help. She really did. Wondering why the other couldn't get a grasp on themselves and decide. She sat wondering what it would be like to be the other. Struggling for safety and looking for some type of humanity in a world that seemed to be rid of it. Then she glanced, and glanced again, and read the message twice more. Her eyebrows furrowed, she never cried, but if she did, this would be one of those moments. Sadness and frustration fell on her like rain pouring from an all knowing sky. She was in a trance to be relieved from the soaking of the liar. She had stood for the other, she had blanketed the other. She had stupidly pretended like the truth wasn't true even though she new, deep inside that it was. Sadness loves company, and she trashed the other, threw her aside with the lashing of a discarded wrapper of a treat that had already been devoured. Two roses lost in one day, and all because of one step in the opposite direction of a previous decision. Complication struck her world, and she hoped that the other felt what she wanted them to feel. She forgave, but was angry, but more than that was hurt. She felt like she couldn't be trusted with anything any more, and the other was haunted at the loss of another affair. The other was on her own, while she thrived out of the sadness. She was stronger than the other, she was braver, she was better, she was loved. 

Chapter One: 

I heard a bell in the distance, tolling with the unforgettable tune that called us all back into school. I had to go because I couldn't think of anymore excuses for being late and my teacher was bound to get frustrated. I felt bad for that teacher already, she had to teach a bunch of self-centered losers like me that knew almost nothing about anything that had to do with school. I took off with a run not even noticing the landscape or the other bustling students around me. I took five deep breaths at the door to calm myself down before I stepped into the classroom and thudded in my seat before the second toll of the bell rang through my ears. 

I heard the teacher saying something in the background of my thoughts but I decided that being on time was my only gift to her today so instead of paying attention to her banter I pulled out my notebook and wrote to my friend instead. 

++to be continued++