Friday, March 18, 2011

Together, Whenever, Forever

An original poem by myself.

We are better together.
Like a bird with two feathers.
We will get through stormy weather.

It's as simple as this.
Our life is really quite bliss.
My hurt is healed with your kiss.

We like to dance in the rain.
We can feel each others pain.
In my life you will be main.

I am not me without you.
We are juts better as two.
Everything we must do.

When your feeling quite small.
If you've had a big fall.
I'm the one you can call.

When we are old and we've had it.
I will learn how to knit.
On the porch we will sit.


So this poem isn't anything genius but it makes me happy and really that is all that matters. It has a tune that goes with it but I actually like it better when it is just read.

end of discussion.

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