Monday, March 21, 2011

A Problematic Poem

Originally and precisely written by me.

Wake up in the morning ready to go.
Thought you would get it, but I guess you never know.
I guess that this lesson only goes to show.
You never know who is gonna owe.

Your day had suddenly turned very brown.
You try to be happy but can't get past your frown.
Try to lash out and get out of town.
Rainy day's and Monday's always get me down.

I hope you never heard me call.
At my words you would appall.
I lose the rope and begin to fall.
Drag your worn feet down the hall.

Awkward situations always are the best.
Sarcasm can always be a good test.
I wish I could just have you and forget about the rest.
And start loosing this growing pain in my chest.

Hurtful people don't deserve the right.
To take away your shining light.
Forget about all the words they say with spite.
You will make it to a higher height.

Crazy people must act out.
Your not sure what it's all about.
You try to hold in a scream and a shout.
Your eyes go gray and you start to black-out.

You lost the one that gave you security.
And they lost all their purity.
You look ahead with surety.
That they will regain their maturity.

Testing always makes you worry.
The words fade and get more blurry.
Bell rings and you want to scurry.
But you have no reason to be in a hurry.

Trapped is all you seem to feel.
You start to wonder if everything is real.
Cuts so deep they will never heal.
With untamed laughter you try to conceal.

People that love you seem to hurt you the most.
You try to run and your so close.
Then something pulls you back like a ghost.
Shed one more tear under your bed post.

They said they wanted you too come back.
The times they've said this you can't keep track.
But the love that was full has started to lack.
Night time ahead seems more and more black.

Take me with you to the sea.
That is where I am supposed to be.
Happy, careful, blessed and free.
But sadly two plus one is still three.

Confusing words eat you away.
You are crying hoping you can stay.
From the road home you start to stray.
Always thought we would be a they.

People tell you things will soon change.
That your life will start to rearrange.
But you can't help but feel a little strange.
As your head starts to fall down range.

Your feeling big and small at the same time.
And all you can do about it is make a little rhyme.
Happy words start to loose their chime.
Times like these should be a crime.

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