Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 8: A Moment

Our lives are comprised with lots and lots of moments. Every single minute is a moment so how can we just choose a moment to write about. I guess you could write about lots of things. The time you got your test back and it said 100% could be the most important moment in your life. The time you hiked to the top of a huge mountain and felt so accomplished. The time you sat and cried because someone you love died. The time you awkwardly saw the guy you like in the hall and all you could seem to say was hi and speed walk away nervously. The time you sat in your bed at night and realized that life is so much bigger than high school and popularity. The time you danced so hard your heart almost fell out of your chest. The time you laughed so hard over something so stupid. The time you drove around for 30 minutes trying to find where you were going. The time you spent with come of your best friends doing anything you wanted without worrying. The time you held your little cousin for the first time. The time you sat with your dad in the car eating a burger. The time you talked to someone for 15 min and that little conversation changed your life. The time you sat and cried with your best friend because you were scared for the future. The time you talked to your mom for an hour about the future and she helped you realize what life is really about. The time you laughed last, the time you cried last, the time you were purely happy, the last time you were mad, the last time you felt all alone, the last time you were lazy.

There are lots of moments. I like to keep all my moments in my heart.


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