Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 2: Forgive Me First Love

I must admit I don't think that at my age I have even had the chance to be in love with someone at all. I think that you have to be dedicated to someone to really love one and I am not old enough or secure enough by myself to take on another person and really love them.

On the other hand. I so love lots of things and lots of people. So here is my list of loves...

(This list is in no particular order so no member of the list should be offended by their position.)

1. Myself. I don't love myself in a prideful way but I do love myself.
2. My Family.
a. My Dad
b. My Mom
c. Both sets of Grandparents
d. Zac: Older brother...
e. Susie: 12 year old sister (nuf said there)
f. Justin: JSquare, littlest baby brother :)
g. Cousins
h. Aunt and Uncles...
i. Especially my Aunt Aimee (For obvious reasons.)
3. My best and forever friend Jessica.
4. Dance: Like Coldstone... like it, love it, gotta have it.
5. My collection of memories and my encyclopedia of thoughts.
6. The privilege to live.
7. The gift of Knowing. (If you KNOW what I mean.)
8. Music and its ability to inspire.
9. The World. It is covered in Magic.
10. People in General are worth all the love you can give.

And thats all...


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