Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 11: My Blood Generation


18 years old
Likes to: Play Games, sleep, play clarinet and piano, read, tease all younger siblings, oh and eat.
Description: When you first meet Zac you may think he is shy, in fact if you don't put forth the effort you may always think he is shy. But really, under that cape of shyness... he is hilarious. He listens to almost everything I tell him to do which is really nice and he takes care of me, even if he acts like he doesn't care about you, he really does. He is also insanely smart, I can't even comprehend his brain, he knows almost everything and he is always there to help with homework. For the past four years he has been part of Timpview High School Band and he is amazing at the Clarinet, he also can play the piano really well and sing! I love my Zac and I will be sad when he leaves for college.


12 Years Old
Likes: Doing Art, riding horses, animals in general, watching sit coms, wearing my clothes, hanging out with her friends
Description: Susie is like a cute little thimble, she collects those by the way. She is really pretty even though she is still getting out of that middle school stage ;). She is really nice to everybody and all of the little critters. She is really smart and organized and even though she hates to take piano lessons she is really good at playing the piano. She is really creative and loves to do different crafts, not only does she make cute jewelry and other accessories, she also is a good artist/painter she has made lots of really cool creations. Even though she can get annoying at times... she is still really fun to hangout with and just sit and talk to at night. I love my little sister.


11 Years old in approx. 30 days
Likes: playing sports, BIG MAC'S, playing guitar, video games, TV, math class, telling jokes, being crazy
Description: Justin is a skinny little ball of huge energy. He loves to play basketball and football and he is really good at both. He is also hilarious, everything that comes out of his mouth makes you start to laugh, you really can't help it. He is pretty much a rock star on the guitar and loves to jam and learn new songs everyday. Even though he love to watch TV, especially Sponge Bob, he also like math and he is really good at it too. It is always fun to just hangout with Justin and I am so glad to have him as a cute baby brother.

My siblings are so great even though sometimes we drive each other crazy, I am so lucky to have them. :)

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