Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 1: Kristen Lohner - Female

Kristen {No Middle Name} Lohner - Female

Born: January 14 1995 ( year of the boar)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Depends on the day.. mostly blue
Tall and Medium

Dance (First on the list for a reason.)
Snowboarding (The cold doesn't bother those who truly love it.)
Cooking (But I hate cleaning up the mess.)
Shopping (I never seem to really buy much.)
Photography (I imagine a lot of photos that would be almost impossible to take.)
Swimming (I like swimming pools more than the ocean.)
Texting (It's fun, why not?)
Fashion (Looking cute always makes me happy!)
and now... Blogging (Excited to see how this goes.)

Blue (Current Favorite Color.)
Fruit (Best food group on the pyramid.)
Bracelets (I collect them.)
Clothes (I have too many, but I want more.)
Realistic Novels (I like reading about things that have or might actually happen.)
Shaved Ice (Favorite Treat... ever.)
Fresh Paint (The smell, the look, and the change.)
Rain (The smell, the feel, and the emotion.)
Music (Can't stop listening to it.)
Smell of Gas (You either love it or hate it.)
Fresh Boxes of Crayons (50 cents)
Boys (No Comment.)
Vintage Accessories (My Style is undefined.)

Tomatoes (Too squishy.)
Mushrooms (Taste funny.)
Maroon (Euch.)
Chalkboards (I prefer whiteboards.)
Mowing the Lawn (Tiring, but I am forced.)
Being Hassled (I prefer to be left to myself and my mind.)
When People slurp, chew, chomp, spoon, and over all eat food. (Ew.)

Serious Details and Secrets:
I wish I knew just how my life was going to pan out.
I can't even try to describe my obsession with dance.
I love people. I really do. They amaze me.
I want to change the world.
I feel lots of emotion even if I don't show it.
I love movies, especially chick flicks, they are an escape from reality.
I am glad to be alive, even if life is hard at times.
I love my family, I love my friends.
You will never fully understand me, so don't try too hard.


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