Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 6: My Day (Yesterday)

My day yesterday was very delightful. I woke up in the morning and went to school.

1st Period: For my first class I am a Biology TA with Jess. We usually have lots of fun in this class but yesterday we had to clean lots of equipment and assemble kits for my teachers seminar. So that was not as fun as usual.

3rd Period: Seminary. We had a student teacher for this class and it was his first day teaching so he was a little inexperienced. We were all very good for him but you could tell that he was very nervous.

5th Period: CHEMISTRY! Even though I like chemistry a lot, yesterday I was having a hard time paying attention. Sometimes I get really distracted.

Lunch: Jess and I went to a student government meeting because I have been thinking about running for office next year. I am still not sure I am going to run though, so that's undecided.

7th Period: Foods class is getting a little more advanced! We actually made french fries! They were really good as long as they were accompanied by salt and ketchup.

After School: Yesterday was my first official day driving all by myself. I made it all the way to dance and all the way back after class. I also drove to the bank and cashed a check. Overall it wasn't as hard as I thought but I was still a little scared.

Taking class: My dance class I took yesterday was turns. I did pretty well in class and I can tell that I am getting better everyday. I love taking class because even though it's hard... I have so much fun and I get to take class from one of my favorite people... AIMEE!
Teaching class: I teach a hip hop class every wednesday and I had lots of fun teaching my class yesterday. I am really excited for our end of the year dance!!

Young Womens... for Young Womens last night we went to the stakes musical review. All I can say about it is that it was very colorful... yep that's a good word.

After young womens me, my dad, Susie, and Jess went to the Malt Shoppe to get Milkshakes! (Yep I drove!) I had a raspberry milkshake and it was very delicious.

Then we came home and I went to my grandma's to get dinner. (Notice we had desert first...) Because my mom is out of town, my grandma felt inclined to make us dinner... It was simply delicious. Then I came home... drove Jess home all by myself! And came home and went to bed!


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