Saturday, April 2, 2011

Picture Love

This is a picture I took in the mountains while I was picking up trash. Excuse the Vodka bottle... actually don't excuse it! I like this vodka bottle and I like this picture a lot.

This is another picture I took on a mountain excursion. Even though I took this picture on a perfectly normal sunny day, when I turned it black and white it reminded me of a rainy day and I really like it.
This picture I got off the internet... I thought it was really cute I really really want the girl on the lefts dress it is so adorable.

This picture I used for a 20's project I was doing and I decided to put it on here because it is adorable. I would love to have been a 20's girl. They dressed so cute and everyone was prosperous and things were more simple and not complicated like today. This is the decade I want to be in right now.
This picture just has a an energy that caught my eye. I know that might sound really weird but I really like this picture. The umbrella is my new best friend. I want it to be mine.
For those who know me well this picture need no explanation. It's ballet shoes and I love to dance. Even though I used to drag myself through ballet... I am actually starting to really love it. I think it's the teacher I have had this year, she is really awesome and she has shown me that ballet has a really good emotion too.

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