Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Crayons are Yummy


Every moment that you're here

I feel ashes on my ear

Subtle difference disappears 

I used to think about you and me forever

Improper medicine for you and me together

Do you wanna shoulder this weather?

I'm inspired by the things that upset her

You're no measure 

This song just makes me really happy for some reason. I am not sure why but it really does.

I really wanted to post again today because I haven't posted for so long.

  1. Money really is everything.
  2. I hate missing school, but don't mind when there is no school.
  3. I make a lot of lists but I really like them. The are straight and to the point without a paragraph of commentary.
  4. I wish I had a heart shaped balloon right now.
  5. My feet = nastiness
  6. I need to shower.
  7. Awkward situations are awkward but hilarious :)
  8. I like special little things... if you know what I mean...
  9. Sometimes I feel super stupid
  10. I need to study and stop blogging.
  11. Bye. Bye.

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