Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 Days of Waiting...

They can conquer who believe they can. - Vergil (One of Rome's greatest poets.)

Todays thought processes:

1. Why do I destroy every pen I have by chewing on the end of it until it is shreds.

2. I would sure be nice to have a sting ray as a pet.

3. I am all about competition, all I want in life is to beat everyone else. It's sad but so true.

4. I need a life change. Like a style change.

5. I want a wall to write on. Like a real wall, no stupid virtual things like Facebook.

6. I admire the life of my student teacher. He does whatever he wants, and owns the consequences.

7. I wish I was one of the Beatles, or at least married to one of them. They're amazing.

8. Why do we learn trivial math lessons in school when we should be learning about real life.

9. Why does it have to snow in Utah in the middle of April.

10. I wish I could reverse time and take back a million yesterday's.

11. My best friend is cutting her hair and it is going to be so cute!

12. Why is it that every song I ever hear I automatically start thinking of a dance you could do to it.

13. I even understand how to put movement to plain words.

14. Stupid decisions lead to really stupid consequences. That's life.

15. Good Places to Kiss: Cornfields, in the rain, on a ski lift, bridges, old buildings, roof tops.

16. I want to hike Timpanogos this year, even if my knee doesn't want me too.

17. Gas should definitely cost less.

18. I need a really good book to read.

19. Persuasive essays are very impractical. I will never understand how to write one that is good.

20. I am the biggest procrastinator in the world! I just pull it off really well and still get good grades.

21. I need to take Financial Literacy Online.

22. A Capella results will be posted tomorrow.

23. I really want to live in New York one day. Or Greece, or LA, or China.

24. I love fresh paper... especially if it's lined.

25. One of the best things in life is having someone who really cares about you.

26. I love the smell of summer rain, and I really want it to be summer and rainy.

27. I over think everything.

28. I wish I could know everything and not have to wonder.

29. Waiting is painful but receiving or getting there is the best feeling in the world.

30. I could spend hours on end in a dance studio and never get bored.

31. The End.

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