Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Wear Cute Clothes? We Are in Disneyland!!

 2 Years is a lot like 24 months, similar to 104 weeks, and a close to 730 days. As the number get larger you realize that 730 days reminds you of 17,520 hours... kind of like 1,051,200 minutes and/or 63,072,000 seconds. Who knows how many breathes that is? How many times a heart might beat, how many times tears will fall, smiles will be worn, rage will be shed, wishes will be cast, letters will be written, words will be said, feelings will be hurt. How many of those 63,072,000 seconds will be spent in happiness? Sadness? Anger? Fear? How many of those 1,051,200 minutes will be spent loving? Kissing? Sharing? Eating? Praying? Cleaning? Listening? How many of those 17,520 hours will be spent working? Serving? Playing? Learning? Teaching? Caring? Hoping? Missing? How many of those 730 days will be spent advancing? Changing? Traveling? Evolving? How many of those 24 months will be spent in different seasons? Moving? Growing? Pretending? Being Real? Those two years can change a lot about a person.
If I was forced to choose one picture to sum up my Disneyland experience... this would be it, hands down. 

 Michael Jackson + Dancing + Singing + Crazy Costumes + 80's + Interesting Characters + Pure amazingness

 Thank you God for giving me good people. I honestly don't know how to explain how profoundly grateful and lucky I am to be surrounded by the most choice individuals on this earth. Not only did I get to spend some really great time in Disneyland with girls that just let me join their group... but I am also grateful for all my amazing continuing friendships. I hope they all know how much I love them and I can't wait to continue meeting new people because it is the best thing in the world.

"Hold it in, hold it in!" 

 Just try to make me more happy then I am right now. I dare you! In fact I would make a bet on that because I know it's impossible. How did I get so happy, what did I do to deserve this happiness.

Smiling as I write this.

The End.

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