Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I've Tried to Hard to Try

Charlie and the Chocolate factory is a good movie, I haven't watched it lately and I haven't even been reminded of it recently that movie just randomly popped into my head. The newer version of this movie is not very good, and it slightly ruined my love of Johnny Depp so I dislike that version, I do however really like the old one, even though the most touching and message giving part of the movie is at the end, my favorite scene is the Candy Man scene. That song has a great ability to get on your nerves and get stuck it your head and I hope that the person who wrote it is regretting just a little bit that he wrote such an annoying song. However, the endless display of different types of candies in this scene has never ceased to amaze me. All the kids licking, chewing, sucking, and enjoying all that candy has always made me a bit mad because I was not one of the kids chosen to participate in all that delicious looking candy eating. I have always wanted to be in that scene. Or the other scene where they are in the Wonka factory and strolling through the land of candy, including the chocolate river. Well, I just got back to writing this and forgot where I was going with this, something about loving candy. Nevermind that. 

List, having another list obsession wave: 
  • Christmas is over, and I have to go back to school in 5 days, back to working everyday, back to normal life, I am going to miss this break more than any break I have ever had. 
  • I wish I could reset my life, back to it's old settings, even restarting all the way back in Kindergarten, not just because I loved Kindergarten, but because then I could stop myself from making all the random weird decisiosn myself has made. If that makes sense. 
  • I feel like I can't gather my thoughts, nothing will come together and be organized, it needs to come together and just be right. 
  • If it were up to me, we would all always be in constant communication with each other, and then things would be better. 
  • I would also be able to read minds. 

My mind is to crazy and unorganized to write right now, I need to solve someones problems for them, that usually helps me feel better. I like me. I miss my best friend. I am going to watch a movie so I can escape. BYE. 

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