Saturday, May 5, 2012

Arrietty, And That's All

Me, Yon Soo, Aubrey 
 So, first of all, I captioned my pictures... wow. Second, I love friends... another big surprise because I obviously never say how glad I am I have friends. I had such a great night last night that I had to say how thankful I was for my great friends one more time. Please bear with a run down of a few of my favorite people in this world.

**AUBREY** is a prized gem, she is the perfect person to laugh with because she has probably the greatest laugh I have ever heard and it just makes you laugh more. If you ever hear a funny quote (like on a movie or something) and you want to hear it again, ask Aubrey to repeat it because she is spot on and makes the quote even funnier. She is an amazing singer and an incredible ukelele player. If I could choose five words to describe her I would say... bright, hilarious, benign, ferocious, and hipster. 

Me, Yon Soo 
#YON SOO# is asian first of all which automatically makes her amazing. She is so very stylish, I seriously love everything she wears. Yon Soo is resourceful and smart... if you are ever looking for an example on how to take notes (like for Psychology or something) she is the one to follow. I honestly don't know what I ever did without Yon Soo. As I sit here thinking, I don't exactly remember how we became the close friends we are but I am glad that we are such good friends because she literally changed my life. Yon Soo is also an amazing advise giver, she always knows the right things to say to help you work out situations and make you feel better! I love the way she writes and I love her practicality. Five words for Yon Soo would be... style, sentiment, perspicacious, embrace, and discerning. 
Ree & Tosha
~TOSHA~ is such a true friend. Besides the fact that Tosha is insanely smart she is also a good learner. Tosha plays the piano like a goddess and she can also sing very very very very very well. Tosha became my friend in German class, she is my entertainment for those class periods that just never seem to end. Tosha is also good at advice and she listens to all of my crazy stories which is hard. Tosha is that person who you meet and you just know they are going to be an amazing mom, so caring and wise that you almost even wish she was your mom. My five words for Tosha would be: buddy, harmonious, caring, leader, and super! 

REE (>.<) is kind of intimidating and scary... and least that is what he wants you to think. :) He really is a sweet amazing person when you get to know him well. I've heard a lot of people describe him as a teddy bear and even if it hurts his dignity a little to say it... he is one. He is also a romantic which is really adorable. Ree is a genius in all sorts of subjects including piano playing. I have only heard him play once but he is so amazing. Ree is also one of my German buddies and I am so happy I got to know him this year! Five words for Ree are: brilliance, softie, entertaining, confident, and well... asian. 

In the end, I am grateful for all of these people! I am so glad I met them all this year and I am incredibly glad that they are all going on to such bright futures next year and I want to publicly and slightly awkwardly wish them the best of luck!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

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A-money said...

Kristen, I'm pretty sure you have it backwards. YOU make ME laugh. I'll probably watch that movie some day without you and it won't be any good. Anyway, thanks, you're so presh! Love you!