Sunday, January 22, 2012

Move If You Wanna

What Colors Mean to Me {In a Non-Cliche Way}

Tragedy and Beauty cover this shade. Lips trail backwards on a luxurious path of rich jewels. Red. 

Pure, overpowering, covers the walls with open spaces. Opens new windows for us to see. Blue. 

Fake pleasure. Blinding you eyes with forceful creativity, trying hard to be noticed. Yellow. 

Old, boisterous, notorious. Can't seem to find it's own place. Orange.

Frolic the path, brush against threads of knowledge in your way. The unnoticed. Green.

Comforts and heals, pretends to care. Engulfs you with a broad hug. Purple. 

Lust, youth, anxiety, drawn to the careful intoxication. Not thought of because of affiliations. Pink. 

Confusion and sickness drag you home. Base always in a pair. Brown. 

Spacious. Clear. White. 

Straight organized order, fills the space with ropes, leaves you friendless and helpful. Black.

+My Secret Place+

Most of us have a place, a state in which we can be however we want to be, whether that is ourselves or some other thing we want to be, when we are in this place we can be free to do what we wish. Some places we choose because of sentimental value in the place, or they might just be a random stump we stumble upon when ourselves tend to need a place like it. Some people don't have just one place either, they have multiple sanctuaries where they can stupor to create their own worlds. My spot has always been the same, I have never been able to try to change it, even though sometimes I wish I had a tangible spot that could lead me to be in my own solitude, my spot has always been and always will be, simply and just, my mind.
You see the great thing about having your mind as your secret place is that no matter where you are you can access it easily with your will to be in that place. I once heard a random person on the street say that if only they could go to their thinking spot then they would feel much better, I am assuming that they were far away from their thinking spot, which is altogether not so good for them. I was on vacation at the time and if I had had a tangible thinking spot then maybe I would have been wishing to be far from the place I was. However, I had my secret place with me, because, obviously, I carry my mind everywhere. so therefore, I was not regretting the fact that I was in a beautiful place without my secret place because I was in a beautiful place and I could think rationally about the beauty of it because, hey, look at that, I had my mind with me.
Seeing as this idea is really going nowhere I guess I will end with this thought: I am not saying that everyone is like that person I heard that sunny day, but, if you are like that person who depends on a location to think, or you know someone like that person, or, you have in anyway been depending on any materialistic thing to sustain your imaginative thought. Stop this terrible thing, think independently, make yourself able to access great ideas anywhere, you don't have to be in one certain place to help you think better and you don't need any lucky charms or things like that to help you think. Just think creatively everywhere.
Alright, that made no sense, THE END.

I think I am going to start using labels, maybe I will even go back a few posts to make labels for them.

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