Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Love A Lot I {two posts in a day}

You all can just wish and keep wishing that you had a sister as amazing as mine. I found all these cute old pictures that I love and I was just pondering all the things I love about my sister. She is always there for me, yes we fight but it is easy to make things right with her because she is so sweet and understanding. 

She is beautiful and she gets prettier everyday. It is amazing how time moves and changes people, I have been amazed at how fast I have grown and I am almost scared by how fast the people, especially my sister, around me grow. 

I love her, and there is not much more to say. Thanks for being amazing. 

Again. The end. 

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Frances Avery said...

hate you and your cuteness with your sister, but i have equally cute pictures with me and my oldest bro cameron. so stick that in yo juice box girrrlll.