Sunday, August 4, 2013

20 Questions --> 20 Answers

I got these randomly off of Pinterest because I felt like writing but I needed to be prompted.

1. What sport (that you haven't tried) do you think you would be good at?
           Easy. Roller Derby. Well, as long as you count that as a sport which I totally do. Ever since I saw Whip It I thought to myself... HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO DO THAT!!! And because I have recently "re"taken up my love of roller blading the past week that is what is fresh in mind. Fish Nets and ratted hair here I come!

2. What was your 'high' for today?
           Because 1am was still technically "today" I would have to say that my meditation session in the early hours of the morning was my 'high'. It relaxed me a lot and helped relieve some stress. Also the random 15-20 minutes of my life where me and my sister were randomly tackling, slapping, laughing, and being totally ridiculous together was pretty fun as well.

3. What was you 'low' for today?
          I made a foot soak that was supposed to get dead skin off my feet and it didn't work (either that or I don't have dead skin on my feet) and it also had LISTERINE in it so it turned my feet blue for a couple minutes which made me feel kind of like an idiot. Definite low.

4. What kinds of things get you the angriest? Why?
          I think when people refuse to listen to my side of the story or my opinion. I mean, I am not forcing anyone to agree with me or to change their whole life because I feel like I am making some ground breaking discovery but I just wish people would listen more. Huh, maybe if I listened more people would listen to me. TO DO LIST: Gotta work on that.

5. Which is your color that best describes you or stands for your personality?
          Blue. It has all different shades and goes with almost anything. Plus it is my favorite color.

6. Do you have many friends?
          Well no. But the people that I have that support me, and surround me are the best I could ever have. Sometimes I feel like I know lots of people and I even "have many friends" but when it comes down too it. I only have a few true friends.

7. If you were to be reborn who would you want to be born as?
          I think I would still choose to be me, except I would choose to keep all my former knowledge so I would be ahead in life and not have to learn all the same lessons again. Be ahead of the game. But ya, I like myself, I would just want to be myself again.

8. Do you like to sing in the shower?
          Yes, obviously. I also enjoy sitting outside my brothers bathroom door and listening to his renditions of "Gold Digger" and sequence of old 80's music as he sings in the shower.

9. What's your favorite season?
          I like all of the different seasons. I always seem to be ready for them as they come along and I really like it that way. I am lucky to live in Utah where we really do get all the seasons too! I think that is super cool.

10. What sports do you like best?
          Dance, Basketball, Roller Blading, Swimming, Football.... lots of sports!

11. Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?
          Because it gets watery and even if people do already like it when their cream is sour... no one likes it watery.

12. If you could tell your mother never to serve two vegetables again, which vegetables would you choose?
          Mushrooms and Tomatoes. Even though I am becoming more fond of tomatoes.

13. On a scale of 1-10 how strict do you think your parents are.
          Sometimes like a 3, other times like an 8. But luckily never a 1 and thank goodness never a ten.

14. What kinds of things on TV and in movies make you laugh?
          Hahahahahahahaha, uh... funny things.

15. What animal would you be? Why?
          A Sting Ray. Because they get to glide around the ocean and be wild and free and who doesn't want to do that? Also, they have a built in mechanism to sting things that are trying to hurt them so if anyone ever tried to hurt me. I COULD STING THEM!

16. What are the qualities that make a good friend?
          Love. Love is literally all you need, just like the Beatles said. If you have love, all of the other important aspects that build a good friendship come naturally because you always was to be there for someone you truly love.

17. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
          I would try to go to as many really busy public places as I could and study people. I could follow people around, listen to conversations, watch mannerisms... It would be super fun because no one could see me, therefore no one would think I was creepy, but I could learn more about people and they was they act, especially when they THINK they are alone.

18. If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be?
          For starters I would make myself more thin, I know that I can do this without any magic or anything if I just eat right and exercise more but obviously I am trying to take the easy route, which I probably why I am so fat. I would also change the way I always try to fit in, I would instill more confidence that it is really okay to be myself around everyone and not feel like I have to put on a show. And lastly I would change the rate at which my hair grows, in fact I would change this in all humans. That way I could cut my hair super short and then grow it out over night without regretting my decision to have it chopped short for a day. Yep, that is all.

19. Are you afraid of airplanes?
          I will admit that I do have a little anxiety when I am flying. I always have a moment on every flight I've ever been on where I think to myself, "What if we really do crash and we all really do die?" And I do have a sweep over feeling of relief every time I do land safely. But I honestly don't get over anxious as to where I can't travel because of plane anxiety.

20. What do you do when you are sad?
          I like to be alone when I am sad. I know a lot of people like to help people who are sad and I know that people have tried to help me be happy if I'm sad but honestly, it is nice to be alone. I can just listen to music, read, write, draw, eat, drive, do whatever I need to and get the sadness out of my system and honestly it usually works pretty well. I try really hard not to wallow in self pity and I can get over sadness pretty quickly.


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