Monday, August 5, 2013

Other Than The Obvious

I feel like one of my favorite things to just ponder on, ever since I was old enough to understand that one day I would be getting married to someone, is what MY future husband will be like. And because lately I have been feeling so old an sophisticated, getting ready for college, and taking the steps of moving out and being just that much more independent, the idea of marriage has passed my mind more and more frequently. No, I will not be getting married anytime soon but I do what to set a few things straight about what my husband NEEDS to be like. 

The first thing a lot of girls of my religious affiliation will put down as husband traits is that they 

1. Must be a member of the Church and worthy to hold the priesthood. 


2. I must be married in the temple so I need a husband who is worthy and will take me there. 

and also

3. A returned missionary. 

I agree with these things and I find them a very important part of choosing a future partner for life. So yes, those are my one and two and three on the list. But, along with that ultimatum, I must add a 

3. My husband will not be perfect, think he is perfect, act like he is perfect and or above anyone else. 

Actually I think in all reality this aspect is what makes you a true member of the church and follower of Christ. My husband has just got to realize he is not above anyone but truly equal. Going with that, 

4. He has just got to love everyone and show it. 

I know that it is not a soul saving trait to be outgoing to everyone but for my husband, I will not be able to handle it if he is shy. There is of course the chance I will fall in love with someone who is more or less a hermit, so I might have to help him spread his wings. But my husband has to really show that he loves everyone around him, especially me! :) 

5. He has to understand me and my quirky ways, and just deal with it. 

Sometimes I have to just be completely random, or act a little bit attention seeking, or go roller blading really randomly, or have on and off phases of arts and crafts, cooking, or some random hobby. I am really random and I don't do too well with doing the same thing every single day or dedicating myself to one singular talent so he has to understand that. A bonus to this, though not a requirement, is that he joins in the fun and does random stuff with me. 

6. The "touchy feely" stuff that goes along with loving someone and being in a relationship has got to be on the down low. 

I do not want to be all over my husband all the time and I certainly don't want him all over me. There are actually quite a few things that girls love like: hugs from behind, holding hands and walking around everywhere, always touching in public, kissing every five seconds, boys pinching their sides(yes some girls like this they just say they don't BUT NOT ME!!)... and so on. No, just no. Not with me. I think affection is great but really, it needs to have its limits, especially when we are in public places together. 

7. Good with kids. 

I think that this gets on a lot of girls lists so its a little cliche but it is really so important. I hope that all guys out there understand that it is such a turn off for girls if you are mean to kids, or disregard them. But when guys do play with kids or even just say two words to them, you will have the girls drooling over you. So be honest about how you really treat kids but use that to your advantage. 

8. Be a lot like me. 

This kind of goes along with what I have already said but here is an explanation anyways. There is that saying that opposites attract but I really don't agree. I don't want to marry someone who is exactly like me by any means, but I really would love someone super similar. Like I said earlier, if he is like me and can join in on the fun with my randomness. Bonus points, major bonus points. 

9. He has to understand that sometimes I just need my alone time. 

Sometimes my alone times will last for a solid day, maybe while I am crafting, or organizing, or cooking. But I honestly like having time where it is just me, myself, and I. This means that I should probably marry someone who also likes to have their alone time so we can just say "Hey! It's our alone time! Don't bother each other for the next two hours unless there is an emergency!" Hahaha, sounds perfect. 

10. He has just gotta really love me. 

Since lists come in tens a lot of the time, this will be my last one for now even though I could probably go on. And this number ten is pretty important, in fact one of the most important, but also very self explanatory. 
If love does exist, that is what I gotta have. 

The End. 

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